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When is the best time to get married?

And by 'time' I mean time-of-day. An overlooked time is the morning. Now no one wants a 8 a.m. wedding necessarily but a late morning around 11 a.m. can be quite nice. Heat of the day is not present and a lovely luncheon could be served. This is especially nice if you are thinking of a non-alcohol reception. Your guests would not expect alcohol at 11 a.m. one would think!

If you are

thinking an evening reception then we suggest have the wedding ceremony around 4 p.m. since a 5 p.m. reception start is typical. If you do have an afternoon wedding please be prepared for a very long day. Leave snacks around to guests to nibble on. And make sure going in that you decide...Do we want our guests consuming alcohol before the reception? If so, maybe a light punch would be appropriate.

Ahhhh Ashton and Max!
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