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Bringing all together for a celebration

When you were raised in one city and your fiance was raised in another do you make both sides of the family happy for a location for your wedding? Or maybe you have not lived in your hometown for years and 'coming home' doesn't have that great of pull.

Destination weddings are all the rage. But not everyone can afford a Caribbean wedding.

So you go to a map and put a halfway point or general area as to what would be fair to all families involved. Then you start looking for venues that can hold not only your reception but your ceremony as well. Neutral territory as it were.

Keep in mind you will have to trust the proprietor of the venue to give you good information for local caters, florists, hotels and such. So do your homework and make sure the venue has good comments from their guests...ask them for referrals since you might not be familiar with the area. It goes without saying a few visits to make your decision with family involved will help the transition from hometown to a destination an easier 'sell'.

We are finding that this seems to be the latest trend with wedding parties...and it takes pressure off of both sides of the families.

Wedding ceremony and family together

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