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Outdoor weddings are so fun! With the sun-dappled trees above or a wide-expanse of fields in the background.

With an outdoor ceremony a bit of planning is needed over and above the reception, as well.

Clothing:Of course you will look stunning in your wedding dress! But those spike heels present a problem with walking on the ground. How about using a flat or wedgie shoe instead? You can always have a few sets of shoes to change into from outdoor to indoor. Wear those beautiful heels for photo sessions! And a pair of flip-flops will make dancing the night away a bit more comfortable.

Guests: Please let your guests know that you will be having an outdoor ceremony! How many wedding guests have been uncomfortable wearing clothing for inside when outside clothing is more appropriate? Have a few bottles of bug spray available for your guests comfort.

Hydration: Always fun to have a glass of champagne before your ceremony but if the day is warm? It can spell disaster. Make available to your wedding party lots of water. Nerves and heat can make just a small glass of bubbly a tipsy bridal party.

Grandma and Grandpa: Older guests need additional attention. Not only make sure they can walk down the aisle (how about 2 ushers to help with uneven ground?) but keep a couple of bottles of water under their chairs? And if they will be seated for awhile maybe an umbrella for their comfort. Of course that must be folded up prior to the ceremony.

Plan B: Those nasty clouds rolling in the sky can make your heart sink if the weather turns and the outside is not an option for your ceremony. Always have Plan B in-hand! Make sure your venue will be able to accommodate foul-weather changes. Have a few designated friends and family that will put your Plan B in action seamlessly.

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