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Time flies

Sure, you think, I have plenty of time to get everything ready for my upcoming wedding. But let me point out that June is 5 months away. While we shiver in our offices and vehicles? June is just around the corner. That will put a smile on anyone's face...except for the bride-to-be who has a list waaaaay too long.

So take that list and break it into manageable pieces. Ask yourself what do I have to have complete control over? What are the things I can give to a friend or family member to help? All that matters is that the list gets shorter and you have less on your to-do list!

Plus take some is not on your stop. Stop. Did I mention...stop? Take some time to hug your fiance. Okay kiss your fiance. DO NOT BRING UP WEDDING PLANS. Repeat that to yourself. DO NOT BRING UP WEDDING PLANS. Your partner will be happy to have you and you alone. And that will make the next few months go much smoother!

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