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Back in the Swing

The last few years in the wedding venue business has been interesting. But we stayed open and kept hosting weddings...but we observed a few things that will probably trend.

There will be more intimate gatherings. Not that the large weddings will not happen but couples like the ability to have more conversations with their guests, lower cost and just more chill.

More emphasis on the gathering than the decorations...or at least the decorations will have a real personal touch like vintage plates, old antiques brought into a venue, lace drapery used as backdrop, mom/grandma's wedding dress and even a Hot Rod can tell a story.

Knowing that there are many ways to celebrate and making the couple's wedding day to reflect their lives... rather to impress others. They want their guests to feel welcome and a part of the day. It is a joy to see the bride and groom sit down and talk to their guests...thanking them for coming to help celebrate their day.

Randomness: pick out music for cross-generation enjoyment it is a blast to see all generations on the dance floor.


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